GESIPA® prides itself on the reliability and craftsmanship of our blind rivets and blind rivet installation tools. At Acrotech, we partner with Gesipa because they are constantly striving to improve the quality in design and manufacturing as well as our customer service.

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  • Blind Rivets- Structural
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Installation Tools

Through GESIPA® , we offer a wide range of fastening tool solutions to optimize your manufacturing needs. GESIPA® tools excel in many areas including the following:

  • Speed – of setting process to improve your production time
  • Quality and Reliability – from GESIPA® ‘s vast expertise in tooling design and manufacturing
  • Process Control Options – to ensure reliability in your production
  • Modularity Options – adaptable to your application requirements
  • Ergonomic Design – reduces operator fatigue
  • Cost Effectiveness – due to long term service life