Bishamon Industries Corporation is committed to providing quality, innovative ergonomic products to enhance worker safety and productivity. Acrotech Industrial Supply has partnered with them because of their goal to exceed customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and value through continuous improvement.

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Lift Tables

  • LK Series – Lift2K®, Lift3K™, Lift5K™ Electric-Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables
  • Models With Rotating Tops Available
  • Unitized Power Unit With Easy-view Hydraulic Reservoir
  • Intuitive and User Friendly Plug & Play Controls
  • Hinged Maintenance Bars Powder Coated Yellow for Safety


  • New Advanced Design Allows Capacity Adjustment Without Changing Air Pressure
  • Captive Air System Eliminates Cumbersome Mechanical Springs
  • Integral Turntable Top For Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Self-Contained Pneumatic System Offers Unsurpassed Performance
  • US Patent 5299906 and Other Patents Pending
  • EZ Adjust Knob Provides Up To 1200 lbs Of Capacity Adjustment With the Turn of a Knob
  • Hinged Maintenance Bars For Added Safety
  • Rollers Are Entrapped In The Base Frame And Platform For Added Stability


The UniLift™ is an easy to use pallet handler. It handles and steers like a standard pallet jack facilitating worker convenience and safety. Each fork has a multi-roller entry system for easy pallet entry and exit. Lifting and lowering the load to a convenient working height is as easy as the push of a button. The UniLift™ is also designed to last, with a durable, powder coated finish that protects the equipment from harsh environmental conditions.

EZ-Off Lifter

  • Low Profile Positioner with Pallet Truck Accessibility
  • 1.75 in. Lowered Height with 2500 lbs. Capacity
  • Rotating Platform for Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Patented “Feet Clear” System for Operator Safety
  • 3S Model with Multiple Ramp Positions Minimizes Floor Space Requirements

Mobile Handling

  • MobiLift™ Series Mobile Lift Tables
  • Premium Casters and Push Handle for Easy Mobility
  • Load Capacities From 330 to 1760 lbs
  • Battery Push Button or Manual Foot Pump Operation
  • Double Scissor and Stainless Steel Models Available

Skid Lifts

  • SkidLift™ Series Mobile Load Positioner / Transporter for Skids and Open-Bottom Pallets
  • Premium Wheels and Push Handle for Easy Mobility
    Load Capacities to 2200 lbs
  • Unique Captured Scissor Design Provides Enhanced Stability
  • Battery Operation and Manual Lift Models Available
  • LV (Manual Pump) Models
  • LVE (Battery Operation) Models
  • LV-100 Dual Handle Control
  • LV-100 Foot Pump
  • LVE Power Unit Control Box
  • LVE Raise/Lower Lever Control

Pallet Trucks

  • Blue Label™ Pallet Trucks Premium, Heavy-duty Pallet Trucks
  • Bishamon Blue Label Trucks Set the Standard for Quality, Durability and Ease of Use
  • Available in 2500, 5500 and 6500 lb. Capacities with a Variety of Fork Configurations
  • Heavy-duty, Rebuildable Hydraulic Pump Provides Years of Service
  • Three-position Control Lever provides fingertip control of all hydraulic system functions with the handle in any position
  • Self-contained rebuildable hydraulic system
  • Formed fork for added strength and durability
  • Formed steel entry slide diverts debris and guides pallet truck into pallet